I Started drumming at the age of 16 yrs. I didn't have a clue how to play and packed it in at the tender age of 19 yrs.
     After a short break of 22 yrs, I had another go. Trying to get better, I hung around with a few bands that put up with my less than adequate skills. My kids thought I`d lost the plot.  So I packed it in again 4 years later and decided to call it a day. Two years after that, I found I couldn't watch bands without thinking 'I should be up there doing that'. So, I had another go, third time lucky.
     Drumming influences came from anyone or anything I saw or heard that didn't look too difficult to learn, copy, or blag, and I've still no idea how to do a para diddle. Maybe i`ll give it a go some day.
     I now get by, playing with Company of Strangers, who don't seem to mind, or haven't noticed yet, that I`m totally winging it.

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